Now u can create Android Apps with Air
Prerequisites :
1-Flash CS5 installed
2-Android SDK installed

Steps :
  1. Sign in Adobe Prereleased
  2. Install Air 2.5 Runtime Device for ur targeted Android API level like "Froyo"
  3. Install it to ur Device or Emulator from Command Prompt
    1. cd to ur Android SDK folder then Tools folder
    2. adb install $Runtime_Device_Froyo.apk
  4. Download AIR for Android Extension for Flash CS5
  5. Rename its extension from zip to zxp
  6. Open Adobe Extension Manager CS5 As administrator
  7. Press Install and refer to AIR For Android Extension and nxt nxt
  8. Open Flash CS5 and choose Air for Android
  9. Paint ur MasterPiece "make ur app"
  10. Press on Air "Android Settings" Dialog and set ur settings
  11. Press Publish in "Air Android Settings"
  12. Now u have ur app in .apk format
  13. EnJOY
thx to
Lee Brimelow


10/26/2010 03:27

I've been trying to follow what you did, and saw the video. But Now links are different and I can't find AIR for Android.
Can you help me with this?

10/27/2010 01:58

oops, it was my fault.
AIR SDK for Android is no more a 'pre-release'. I somehow almost found my way, and still working on adding the simulator.

11/30/2010 23:14

Se trata de un excelente article.Thank usted para compartir!*

12/06/2010 22:56

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01/05/2011 22:02

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01/16/2011 21:07

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02/16/2015 10:26

i am using eclipse before. are its free..?


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